"Fashion and Art arise from the temporal spirit of people."


 - Dominik Joachim (Founder & Chief Designer of Thisdetail Studio) 

The symbol that represents our label is also meant to convey values such as empathy, inspiration and, above all, cooperation, among other things, to consciously stand against the competition behavior of many people. We would like to work with some selected creatives in fashion, art and music, to meet new innovations.


All our products (except headwear) are produced and finished in Germany.


Our motto "Show your passion" is defined by the message that we want to communicate through our collaboration partners and of course also through ourselves. These passions are best reflected in music, architecture, technology, sports, and especially fashion and art.

The past story behind Thisdetail Studio.

Thisdetail Studio was founded by Dominik Joachim in Würzburg in 2014. Before he attended a fashion academy, he trained in an architecture office, creating his first cuts in a somewhat unconventional way by using a CAD programm that is made for architecture. This is an important reason for the fact that architecture plays an important role in its creations, in addition to elements like art, music and his immediate surroundings. The collections are therfore created from a variety of inspiration sources.


With the concept to convince the balance between avantgarde formal-language and streetwear, each collection creates small works of art that are processed with exclusive materials and are given with a discreet color spectrum.


In our work, we focus on the constant search for new projects to bring new influences into our fashion and art.

The conscious anti-industriality reflects the highly sophisticated studio principle that the label is representing. Thisdetail Studio convinces by these factors with exclusive, minimalistic and handmade designer clothing.


Together with you, we want du expand this project even further.

After the label's previous test, the project Thisdetail Studio was officially launched in 2018 and split into 3 specificial areas.

The concept series will reveal the more sophisticated and unconventional designs, where the designer Dominik Joachim can fully express his ideas and abilities. These are going to be sold exclusively in limited numbers via the online store and in selected shops.
STREET Details
The Street Line, on the other hand, will be more commercial and accessible to everyone. These detail-based creations are for everyone who feels connected with our philosophy and can identify with it.
The Artefacts-Project is intended to give young aritsts a platform, who express themselves in various artistic ways. Painters, product designers or other artists are welcome to contact us.

Founder/Chief Designer